About Us

EXSTO ASIA PTE LTD is one of the leading ergonomic office solution providers that offer ergonomic products to both the office and home users. We believe that ergonomics should provide not only the best human interface of comfort living space, but also with the combination of the best “Works of Art”.

Exsto Asia comprehensively integrates ergonomic concepts with our products to create a perfectly balanced office and home environment where you can experience the highest quality of life.


To be the leading ergonomic office solutions provider with outstanding sales service and on the constant look-out for the latest ergonomic products.


To perpetually provide value for money ergonomic office solutions to our customers so as to help them increase productivity and enjoy comfortable working environment.


To increase public awareness on the importance of the health benefits of ergonomic products, both in the office and home environment. We strive to develop and create ideal working and living space which are healthy and comfortable.


With many years of experience in the office furniture industry and research, we are always keeping with the pace for the latest ergonomic solutions so as to understand our customer needs. We strongly believe in giving our best service to our customers and strive for continual improvement, both in products and services.