A Conceptual Design Representation of the EXSTOPOD™ in an Interior Environment.

The Pod can be located in various places like Office, Schools, Hotels, Banks, Shopping Mall, Hospital, Airports or any other suitable location where Privacy is at a Premium. 

Submission online via link below, Social Media Voting and the Eventual Winner will be selected by a Panel of Judges.  

The Awards Ceremony will be on the 10th of July at the Office Expo Asia 2019, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore.

A Brand New S-Pod, Cash Prizes and Plaques of Appreciation for the lucky winners!


S-Pod Worth S$ 8,800


S$ 3,000 for the Winner 
S$ 1,000 for the Runner-up


Business Time Article - Ergo Life At Work

Exsto Asia is one of the leading ergonomic office solution providers that offer ergonomic products to both the office and home users. We strongly believe that ergonomics should provide not only the best human interface of comfort living space, but also with the combination of the best “Works of Art”.

In today’s context, monetary rewards is no longer the only motivation factor to attract and retain talent. MNC are providing high quality working experience incorporated with ergonomics factors to show that they value employee’s health. Studies shows that employee often spent at least 70 percent of their working time at their work station. These long hours result to employees experiencing musculoskeletal disorders and some affecting personal life. Companies can benefit greatly from reducing ergonomics risk factors, and other areas like cost saving, productivity harmony working environment and safe workplace culture.

Medical expenses which result from musculoskeletal disorders can be costly and recovery usually takes a long process. Employees’ absence can affect productivity causing disruptions in work. Imagine having to postpone meeting, delays in providing solution to your customers or late in fulfilling deadlines due to their absence which can be prevented. All these result to companies and colleagues having to suffer in many ways. Company’s image of providing speedy service maybe tarnish. Colleague may have to step in to cover absentee’s scope of work. Overloaded employee can be frustrated and fatigued. Hence, employee cannot perform his best.


Office Expo - Singapore's finest dedicated event for total office and business solutions.

29 - 31 July 2015
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore