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A New Era of Privacy with Sustainability

Singapore's Best-Selling Acoustic Privacy Pod Has Evolved

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Creating ideal working environments

Achieve unparalleled functional excellence

Redefine workspaces by infusing ergonomic principles into every aspect, fostering healthier, more efficient, and ultimately, more successful workplaces. We passionately believe in providing workspaces that prioritize the well-being and performance of every user. Your health, productivity, and satisfaction are at the heart of our designs.

Distinguished by our dedication to surpassing ergonomic excellence, we are committed to shaping a more sustainable future through conscientious workplace and product design practices. Our progressive initiatives have garnered green labels and certifications, underscoring our commitment to sustainable solutions. Standing as a testament to our profound commitment in both form and sustainability, prioritizing your ergonomic comfort with innovative designs.

Our focus transcends mere furniture and design elements. We meticulously curate solutions that seamlessly integrate ergonomic principles with versatile designs. Understanding the intricate dynamics of today’s workspaces, Exsto is committed to transforming work environments into cohesive spaces that foster collaboration and empower productivity.

Certifying For Climate Positive

Humanscale’s products are audited and validated by The International Living Future Institute, under their LIVING PRODUCT CHALLENGE.

This most rigorous test of sustainability requires manufacturers to make their own operations climate positive across seven impact categories.

At Exsto,

we transform office spaces into ideal workplace environments that inspire ideation, foster communication and support collaboration.

Providing ergonomic office solutions

Perfected by our commitment to R&D and innovation

To combat effects of noise, we curated a mobile range of acoustic pods that caters for user whom seeks privacy in a working environment + conduct ad-hoc discussion and meetings.
Eliminates constraints and transforms sedentary office environments into active spaces that inspire creativity and long-term results.
A Technologized Smart Locker System Customizable and scalable to meet the needs of employees onsite and remotely, as well as visitors to the facility.
Contemporary sophistication in furniture design. From sleek and minimalist office furniture to stylish home decor, Lightspace is dedicated to elevating your space with a touch of refined aesthetics.

Explore our versatile product lines, expertly crafted to harmonize with diverse environments. From stylish and adaptable office setups to eco-friendly home furnishings, our solutions are tailored to elevate your lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the possibilities

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The Future of Sustainability Unveiled: FIND Design Fair Asia 2023

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EXSTOPOD® PLUS+: Proud Recipient of the Sustainability Star Award at ARCHIDEX 2023🏆🌟 

We’re excited to announce that EXSTOPOD® PLUS+ was honored with the esteemed Sustainability Star Award at ARCHIDEX 2023 (Kuala Lumpur), South East Asia’s most successful annual industry trade event for...

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