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Finding Privacy and Productivity: A Game-Changer for Embracing Hybrid Lifestyle

hybrid remote flexible working

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we live, work and communicate. With more companies moving towards a hybrid work culture, there has been a significant increase in demand for privacy spaces and working pods. The shift towards remote communication has also led to more investment in acoustic privacy pods to support remote work […]

Creating a sustainable workspace: Tips for a healthier working environment

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the crucial link between sustainability and well-being in the workplace. The idea of sustainability is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Whereas well-being is defined as being healthy, happy, and comfortable.  When […]

Celebrating Promotions within Team Exsto

We’re delighted to announce the promotion of: Jeanie Koh to Senior Admin Executive & Andy Chua to Senior Sales Manager, alongside his 10th year of service with the company. Thank you for your dedication and contribution towards Exsto Asia. You have demonstrated great performances and we wish for continuous success in your new roles. Congratulations […]

Exsto Malaysia Sdn. Bhd proudly present our EXSTOPOD™ and EXSTO™ Smart Locker Systems at Mercu Maybank, Sumurwang Tower, i-City Golden Triangle, Selangor, Malaysia

Maybank Berhad has officially expanded its operations to Mercu Maybank on the 7th April 2022, occupying a total of 14 floors, covering 162,000 square feet with well-designed interiors and furnishings. This latest expansion of Maybank will cater for hybrid and remote working practices for various businesses and functions for the betterment of work arrangements resulting […]

Enterprises introducing Individual Booths due to Post-Pandemic workplace adjustments

Featuring Exstopod™ in the MediaCorp news, the content outlines an increasing demand of office booths in workplaces since the Covid-19 situation. Workplace practices are adjusting with demands to segregate employees especially in open concept offices, or having an extra room to hold meetings & discussions. The booths are highly versatile in its usage with various […]

Change Your Posture, Change Your Life

Have you experienced neck or back strains while working? Did you know your daily health and work performance can be impacted by poor workstation set-up? Poorly designed workspace arrangements with no consideration of ergonomics have caused many employees to develop chronic back pains or other health consequences.

E-Commerce – The Revolutionary Shopping

I’m pretty sure you have heard a lot about E-Commerce, but do you have any idea what is it? E-commerce refers to buying or selling of products or services via online transactions. In view of the unprecedented pandemic situation, it is observed that there is an increment in the demand of online purchasing as most […]

CareGo Disinfection Channel

With the current pandemic situation, the economy has been stagnated with all industries are putting a halt except essential services. How can company prepare for resuming operation and effectively reduce epidemics occurrence? The answer is precautionary measures.

Black Friday Sales 2019

height adjustable table sales

Actiforce Pro140 Height Adjustable Table @ $488 Free Ergotron MX Mini Monitor Arm Actiforce Pro140 Height Adjustable table with free Ergotron MX mini monitor arm @ $488. Experience working in a tech firm now. Call us at 6546 5882 or email us at enquiry@exsto.com.sg to find out more about this attractive offer.