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FIDO: The Safest and Most Minimalist Smart Lock

January 21, 2020

FIDO is the embodiment of a futuristic smart lock, placing its focus on security and safety above all else. Simplistic and minimalist in its design, FIDO is complex and smart in its engineering.

Get FIDO for:

  • 4 Secure Methods to Unlock: APP, Fingerprint, Bluetooth, Inducted Access Card
  • Unbreakable & Unhackable Lock
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Easy to Set Up Handle
  • 365 Days Battery Life

Whether you’re renting out your home or want to give temporary access to your friends and family, the FIDO App has a straightforward and easy to use interface to manage your smart lock features. Manage users, grant remote entries and record unlocking logs all from your own smartphone, wherever you are.

FIDO employs an encryption method used by most governments and security agencies around the world. With total of 3.4*10^38 possible combinations, FIDO Smart Lock is impossible to break and hack by mere brute force and checking all possible key combinations.

A smart locking feature will automatically be engaged after you enter or exit, keeping unwanted visitors outside.

If the door is forced to open, the alarm will be triggered instantaneously notifying you through the FIDO App.

With super low power consumption, R1 can work for one year with just 2 Triple-A batteries and it’s easy to replace.

It alerts you when the battery is lower than the warning line.