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Introducing Poly, our innovative ergonomic office chair, designed to provide exceptional comfort and support for long hours at your desk. This chair features a cutting-edge 3D knitted fabric combined with a durable Polyamide + Fiberglass backrest frame, ensuring both style and durability. Equipped with a multi-function seat mechanism, it offers three locking positions and a sliding seat function, allowing you to customize your seating experience for maximum comfort. Available in a variety of vibrant colors including black, white, red, purple, blue, and green, this chair not only supports your posture but also adds a touch of personal flair to your workspace. Experience the perfect blend of ergonomics, functionality, and style with our ergonomic office chair, tailored to meet the demands of modern work environments.




W x D x H =W630±10mm x D540±10mm x H(940-1040)±10 mm   

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