Exsto™  proudly present EXSTOPOD™, your ultimate phone booth for office privacy and noise pollution. EXSTOPOD™ provide users a quiet and comfortable focus area to concentrate on important stuffs and confidential meeting.

Over the years, office has evolved into open concept to encourage collaborations between co-workers. This has created better productivity but at the same time sacrificed office privacy at work. Often, co-worker couldn’t find a space to conduct year end appraisal, confidential discussion, answer important phone calls, etc. With EXSTOPOD™ phone booth, all these has been solved.

The structure is mainly made of Electro-Galvanized power coated Steel for durability and minimum exposure to harmful chemical like formaldehyde. TUV certified Noise Isolation Class rating – 32. This keep whatever conversion in the pod within the pod. It comes with ventilation fans to keep the interior comfortable at all time.

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