ErgoConnect E-Power System

ErgoConnect is a Singapore designed E-Power System that’s provide fully customisable solutions for commercial projects, as well as residential. The “ErgoConnect” series strives to deliver a range of contemporary design for maximum efficiency and productivity while promoting the beauty of ergonomics. ErgoConnect is your ideal solutions for power and connections in conference rooms, workstations and even public spaces like libraries, hotels, institutions, airports and more.

Our core mission is to provide flexibility in the customization of our E-Power system. User is able to select the configuration they want. Each order is unique in it’s own.

ErgoConnect has obtained a list of approved certifications acquired such as CCC – China Compulsory Certificate, CE + RoHS – CE Marking + Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, UL – Underwriter Laboratories, CUL – Underwriters Laboratories of Canada and PSB Singapore, ErgoConnect is your first choice E-Power System.

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