New Launch of
Exsto® Smart Lockers

‘Simplicity’ — a Technologized Smart Locker System Customizable and scalable to meet the needs of employees onsite and remotely, as well as visitors to the facility. It enable users to pre-book a self service locker thus facilitating a dynamic way of working from anywhere across the premise.

Future-Proof Features

Easy to use

Audible user feedback and status display of available locking systems

RFID/NFC Credentials

NFC enabled access phones, cards and wristbands according to global standards

Email Notification

Email notification prompts to the user so that storage isn't claimed permanently

Built-in USB Charger

Charge your devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets or cameras

Prebook a Locker

Pre-book a locker close to your workstation

Flexible Options

Choose from a mix of various locker systems to utilise or rent, for short and long term

Better Office Space Management

Ease of Management & Monitoring

Saves Valuable Space in The Office Instead of having a lot of storage space in the office that isn’t always in use, we recommend making more of the space you have with dynamic storage.

A Personal,
Secure Space

With offices moving to hybrid ways of working, shared spaces are on the rise – and personal desks are disappearing. A smart locker is a great way to give employees the personal, secure feel of a fixed desk, while allowing them to move around more freely.

Contactless Locker Access & Management

Best solutions for COVID environment – keyless and touch-free locker usage and management system. Advanced networked locks can only be opened by RFID cards or simple QR code via mobile app.

Secure Your Day with SIMPLICITY

Pre-book yourself a self service locker anywhere

Why Choose Exsto

Exsto Asia Pte Ltd has grown over the past decade to become one of the Singapore’s leading ergonomic solutions provider. We specialize in both contemporary and ergonomic furniture for clients who are seeking a functional design and a comfortable workplace environment.

By building strong relationship with our partners and maintaining a strong commitment to innovation through R&D, Exsto have the capacity to customize our solutions to meet changing market dynamics and create spaces that inspire people to ‘bring purpose to life’.

Transform office spaces into ideal workplace environments that inspire ideation, foster communication and support collaboration By providing high-quality ergonomic office solutions that have been perfected by our commitment to R&D and innovation, we are able to achieve unparalleled functional excellence that consistently meets the unique needs of our clients.

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