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Exsto Asia has been constantly seeking for new and better solutions in human ergonomics to improve the well-being and productivity of individuals. With a large amount of our time spent on working, ergonomic set-ups can enhance the experience of our sedentary lifestyle and improve our physical health. Despite that, many firms have overlooked the importance […]

Coronavirus – Precaution Measures in Office

Coronavirus has created havoc all over the world. With more than 80,000 cases registered around the world at the point of writing. The infection is spreading more than 60 countries and affecting the businesses too. World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency to control the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Privacy Issue in an Open Concept Office Environment

Open-concept office has been the trend for the last decade. Most companies adopted open-concept office and cram a bunch of employees with similar or complementary skills into one place. This is to encourage interaction and such office plan usually cost lesser than traditional layouts.