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Top 5 Benefits of Exstopod™ Office Phone Booth

How much time do you spend a day in office doing some serious work? How you wish that there is a quiet enviroment for work without disturbance? How often you step out of working area to answer calls so that you don’t become a pantry topic?   If you work in an open office, these […]

EXSTOPOD™ @ FUTRAsia Summit 2019

EXSTOPOD™ is at FUTRAsia Summit 2019. This event mainly focused on fresh thinking and progressive change in the future of retail, marketing and commerce. Exsto is proud to be an event partner for this summit.

EXSTOPOD™ @ Office Expo Asia 2019

Previous Next If you’ve missed the insightful and exciting Exstopod at Office Expo Asia 2019, don’t worry! Visit our showroom @ 31 Woodlands Close, #05-28, Woodlands Horizon, Singapore 737855 to find your privacy and noise pollution solution.

The new Steelforce Pro 470 SLS Bench

The Steelforce Pro 470 SLS Bench is a two-in-one electronically adjustable desk frame. Thanks to its modern, compact design, it is an ideal solution for smaller office spaces as it can hold two tabletops in less space than two individual desks. Its height can be electronically adjusted between 61.5 cm and 127.5 cm. Each tabletop […]

Rethinking Workspaces

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5 Reasons to Embrace a Corner Workspace

Workspace configurations are as unique as the workers who use them. Many employees customize the look and function of their work area with additional monitors, ergonomic keyboards and specific chairs, while others inherit a setup established by past colleagues.

Celebrate Ergonomics Month with Daily Giveaways, Tips and More

Celebrate Ergonomics Month with Daily Giveaways, Tips and More Ergonomics means the difference between a feel-good workday and achy necks and backs that can lead to long-term pain and hit to your productivity. At Ergotron, we think ergonomics is so important that it makes up part of our name and more importantly, influences the design of every […]